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About us

Prexante is an international provider of professional sales services of the highest quality and the must-have partner for all-size enterprises. Wherever sales is needed, we can boost and deliver it for you. We possess extensive domestic knowledge of various markets together with a wide-ranging network that enable us to utilise the best local resources and deliver supreme quality on an international scale.



Offering our services for all-size enterprises within the areas of in/outbound sales, prospecting and meeting booking. Through continuous training we ensure our staff masters well-established and newly created sales methods.


Prexante is committed to provide you with the highest quality marketing flow and materials for Financial products and Physical commodities that are all tested and proven to deliver exceptional results on a global scale. Exclusively branded for you and directly integrated with your platform.


The most important assets of your company are your employees and we assist you in recruiting highly motivated sales individuals who offer you top-notch performance.


With our 10X Sales Training program and workshops, we make sure your staff delivers at the highest level. Our training is focused on high conversion rates and increased multi-product sales through implementing the Prexante winner DNA. By conducting an out-of-the-box style training, we enable our trainees to become influential in their negotiations and sharp in their closings.


In order to assist you with converting to a proactive outbound sales manner, we offer our international experience together with our wide-ranging network allowing you to deliver supreme quality on an international scale while remaining completely cost-efficient.


Do you want to master selling financial products & services and be trained by the top-notch sales trainers of the industry? Are you dreaming of having a career in the financial sector? You need to have a plan and we have got one for you!


At Prexante we provide you with the environment and attention that you need to develop in your area of expertise, whether you are a young individual at the beginning of your career, or an experienced professional seeking to move forward. Time is money and we are dedicated to invest it in you to kick start your career.


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